Translation Services

In addition to the classic language of translation and interpreting services, we offer comprehensive support to multilingual communication in line with business needs, and with the rapid technological change. We always guarantee a personalized and qualified support. Our language services cover several areas of expertise with a common denominator: presenting a finished product of excellent quality and designed strategically based on the different communication needs.


Audiovisual translation of technical and business presentations, videos and their own rules, carried out by specialized subtitle.

Voice over

Language services concerning the registration of text intended to audio media such as videos, documentaries, commercials and others.

Revision and Proof Reading

Recommended service for texts intended for publication with a careful analysis of content by an auditor of native speakers.

Subtitling services: from oral communication to the one written

Subtitling or captioning refers to a process of audiovisual translation that requires techniques, rules and specific criteria, whose end result is directly influenced by the restrictions of time and space. Each subtitling service requires competence and experience in transforming an oral message, which requires a reduced time to be heard, in a written message, which requires more time to be read.

Subtitling: when is it necessary?

Subtitling is necessary whenever you want to make a written text supporting the understanding of audiovisual content (subtitles). Subtitles are not to be confused with captions, where speech is usually absent (as in silent films), nor with the dubbing, where the original voice of an actor is replaced with that of another actor (voice actor). Subtitling a video requires much more than a simple best online translation service. This is a highly technical and lengthy process to guarantee the public a full understanding of the video.

The translator must adapt, modify or delete many elements of the text related to a certain type of language: regional accents, slang expressions, irony of a particular individual, etc. The message should still get clearly and without omitting important information. This is exactly the main task of the expert of subtitles: succeeding in transmitting the message by significantly reducing the words needed to express it.

BW subtitling Translation services

Thanks to the expertise that sets us apart, we can offer subtitling services for video and corporate presentations. We manage the entire project of translating subtitles paying particular attention to the quality of service and using subtitle specialize in offering state of the art works.

The speaker, professional essential element

The voice over services typically encompass a voice over, an invisible character on the screen, a speaker that you only hear the voice or narration explaining what is happening on stage.

In some situations, the presence of a narrator constitutes a fundamental factor which helps to keep the viewers’ attention. That is the main goal of the voice.

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