Winter and fashion have always had a cordial relationship. If you haven’t stocked your collection yet, it’s high time you do! Winter is approaching close, and soon you’ll have to replace those flip flops with boots, or the novelty tee shirts with pullovers and sweatshirt. There must have times when the freezing cold had prevented you from flaunting a favourite dress or ruined your good hair day. The good news is, brands are offering discounts and deals on Dealvoucherz to keep your funk up and beat the biting cold.

Here are some ideas to glam up in this winter:

  1.    Go for punk and Goth

Clear out whatever idea you might be having regarding ‘punk’. You can look perfectly ‘sober’ with the Gothic style as well. The things you need for this look are probably going unnoticed in your closet. Winters are an excellent time for wearing laces thick denims. A popular pick would be a lacy black top under a bright coloured cardigan, worn out jeans and a pair of snickers. This ground-breaking rule is cheap on pocket, so say hello to savings!

  1.    Get your velvets out

There is no better time for wearing velvets than the cold season. And the best part is they look outstanding almost on any body type. A lime green velvet robe thrown over a black skin-tight top and black jegging, a pair of high-ankle boots to complete the look, is sure to turn heads. This winter anticipates a big sale in the market of velvet fabric.  

  1.    Bring back the retro style

No talk on fashion can be complete without mentioning icons like Audrey Hepburn and Sofia Lauren. These divas have set the standard too high for trendsetters! The iconic long coat (cotton, fleece or woollen) worn over a winter dress, lace stockings, (and if you’re feeling too quirky, try a hat or a cap) is the most sophisticated pick for the season. Expensive as they might be, local shops are most likely to offer discount on long coats. And the best part is they last about a lifetime if taken care of properly.

  1.    Jackets and denim: an any day and everyday look

There are things that never go out of style. A bomber jacket will protect you from the filthy cold and make you look stylish all the same. Make sure to wear your denim high and your top loose and comfy. Avoid heels and try on a cap for a funkier look. Denim is also an excellent material for tops, shirts, skirts and even dresses. They go with almost everything and are very good conductors of heat.

  1.    Capes and coats

Long capes are very much in vogue as of 2018, and this winter must see more of them. Capes are elegant, stylish and extremely body friendly. It is one of the best picks for a casual look or even a day out! Although high collared coats are more suitable for official and formal purposes. A front open cape or a buttoned coat is as comfortable and effective for winters as they are fashionable.

  1.    The hippie style

What good are winters if you are not being experimental with your clothes? Plus, it is a great excuse for trying out loud things. A light-coloured turtleneck tee shirt worn under a low neck suspended floral print gown is a look you cannot easily pass off. Flaunt it with round-framed sunglasses and a sling bag.

  1.    Cardigans and skirt

Now would be a great time to take out the heavily embroidered skirt that you rarely have an opportunity to wear. A long bright coloured flair skirt with a light-coloured cardigan that matches your shoes and a cotton bag will get you ready almost for any occasion. Brighten up the look with a nicely printed scarf or perhaps a Bandera worn around the neck.

Winters may be dead and cold, but let your clothes be alive and jubilant with some innovations of your own. Feel comfortable on your skin and flaunt your creativity with a gorgeous range of clothing! Grab your vouchers and promotions codes right away before time runs out.



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